From humble beginnings Bijoux Jewelry began in 2002, creating beautiful handcrafted jewelry for women from all walks of life. It became our mission to add a little sparkle to every women's smile by creating quality jewelry that everyone can own and feel beautiful in.

We wanted to remove the facade and the exorbitant margins from the traditional brands that were selling their jewelry. In our opinion we felt it was like taking advantage of ones innocence.

Fast forward to today, through years of word of mouth and wonderful reviews emailed to us by our customers all over the world, Bijoux's business has grown rapidly. We are grateful for each and every order and as a promise we at Bijoux will continue to work towards providing greater value of the latest jewelry for each one of you.

We also could not have done this without our creative director Jackie who works passionately day and night making Bijoux become one of the fastest growing online stores since 2020. She is such a remarkable leader to the Bijoux family.


Lastly we would like to thank you, our customers, who keep us excited 24/7 while being able to serve you. Seeing women all over the world living their own stories and expressing themselves through Bijoux jewelry.

We love you and thank you for the continual support!

Happy Shopping!

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