"Jewelry is symbolic to a promise, a promise to love. It is either love to one self or to another, that later serves as a personal memorabilia and captures a specific moment in time as a promise to love.  That is what having a piece of Bijoux Jewelry is all about" ~ Bijoux Founders

Bijoux Jewelry was conceptualized by our founders Raj and Resh while on a summer vacation In France and Italy.  During their stay the founders had the idea of bringing the culture of "Dolce Vita," which translates to living a life of pleasure and luxury to more people around the globe.

For centuries jewelry has always been used to adorn a persons overall outlook, usually worn by royalty.  Raj & Resh decided to create a collection of high quality jewelry that could be worn daily or on special occasions by anyone.  Bijoux jewelry gives a feeling of luxury, independence, confidence, strength, resilience, passion, courage, and adaptability.

Resh with a background in fashion, is not only up to date with current trends but also has a sixth sense of identifying what will be trends of the future.  Raj with a background in the production of jewelry for over 20 years is able to ensure best quality standards in each piece of Bijoux jewelry to meet the highest level of customer satisfaction.  A perfect match to creating beautiful timeless Jewelry!

We feel excited and get immense satisfaction when we become part of a woman's journey of self expression.  Whether the moment requires to be bold or subtle, Bijoux Jewelry is the one place you can count on for all your jewelry needs.

We welcome you to Bijoux Jewelry!

Email: bijouxparisfrance@gmail.com