"Jewelry is symbolic to a promise, a promise to love. A personal memorabilia that captures and shares a significant moment in time." ~ Bijoux Jewelry

Bijoux Jewelry was conceptualized on a summer vacation in Europe. Our goal is to bring beautiful environmentally friendly and affordable jewelry to people around the world. Bijoux Jewelry is about affordable luxury.

What first started as a hobby later turned into a full fledged business.  Our customers till date keep receiving many compliments on our jewelry pieces and and kept asking us to create more designs.

To meet demand we had to increase our supply and expand our distribution channel. Since we did not want to go through the traditional methods which increases the cost during distribution and compromises on maintaining our high standards in quality. We finally decided to sell directly online through our own platform giving us total control and huge savings for our customers. It enables us to provide better product value and serve our customers promptly with latest styles in jewelry.

We can assure you that after your first experience from Bijoux Jewelry, you won't stop adding more of our pieces to your collection.

We feel excited and grateful in having the opportunity to serve you in fulfilling your fashion needs.  Bijoux Jewelry is definitely the place you can count on for exploring your jewelry needs.

Happy Shopping!

Email: info@bijouxparis.net